Five 'Apostles' Home Activities for Kids

Jesus' apostles set a shining example of faith and devotion, leaving behind invaluable life lessons for children to embrace. Parents can introduce these essential teachings to our little ones through engaging activities at home!

Lesson of Faith: Like Peter stepping out of the boat, teach your child to have faith and trust in God. Create a "faith obstacle course" in your backyard with simple challenges, encouraging them to keep going, knowing that God is always by their side.

Lesson of Friendship: Emphasize the close bond between Jesus and his apostles. Have a "friendship circle" activity, where your child and their friends share what they appreciate most about each other, nurturing gratitude and love.

Lesson of Forgiveness: Share the story of Jesus forgiving Peter after his denial. Help your child understand the power of forgiveness with a "forgiveness board," where they can draw or write forgiving messages for family members.

Lesson of Compassion: Discuss how the apostles showed compassion to those in need. Organize a "compassion challenge" at home, encouraging your child to do small acts of kindness daily, such as sharing toys or helping with chores.

Lesson of Service: Remind your child of the apostles' selfless service to others. Plan a "family service day," where you all work together to support a local charity or volunteer in your community.

By focusing on these five essential lessons from the apostles, we can instill in our children the core values of faith, friendship, forgiveness, compassion, and service. These engaging activities will not only make the teachings memorable but also foster a loving and faithful environment at home. Let's guide our children in the footsteps of these inspiring apostles, leading them toward lives of kindness, empathy, and devotion to God.

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