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Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

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16 cartoon artworks of St. Joseph based on his titles from the LITANY OF ST. JOSEPH. Includes accompanying scripture verses and short reflections suitable for children and young people.

In printable posters, prayer cards, greeting cards, coloring pages and badges. Great for family devotions, children’s activities, religious education and any other time!

Litany of St. Joseph (full poster)
St. Joseph
Noble Son of the House of David, Light of Patriarchs
Husband of the Mother of God, Guardian of the Virgin
Foster-Father of the Son of God, Faithful Guardian of Christ (Patron of Fathers)
Head of the Holy Family
Chaste and Just (Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph)
Prudent and Brave (Patron of Immigrants/Travelers)
Obedient and Loyal (Sleeping St. Joseph)
Pattern of Patience, Lover of Poverty
Model of Workers (Patron of Workers)
Example to Parents
Guardian of Virgins
Pillar of Family Life (Patron of the Unborn)
Comfort of the Troubled, Hope of the Sick, Patron of the Dying
Terror of Evil Spirits
Protector of the Church (Patron of the Universal Church)

Great for pastors, teachers, parents, youth, children and all young-at-hearts!

81 pages 

Instant digital download • High quality printable PDF • Formatted in letterhead size (8.5″ x 11″) • Non-commercial license • For personal use only • No physical product will be shipped! Read terms of use

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